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The Concept SQ-Wisdom cards TM ©

The way to SQ-Wisdom cards!

SQ is the spiritual ultimate intelligence. SQ bridges the gap between intellect and feelings, and hereby creating the holistic magic!

Before I started this project I had many thoughts about how I to a larger extend could bring magic and wonders into other people’s lives.

One day I got the idea of painting some cards which through their colours and form could open up for the spiritual intelligence.

One idea leads to another and I decided to make a series of cards that simultaneously would be a supplement to The Great Arcane in the Tarots. This was a whole new and very exiting angle to the concept as the Tarots always have been an important part of my life.

After having written the book “We all have the gift” (in Danish “Alle har evnerne”) about the use of tarot-cards and having worked with personal progress, I was often asked to write more about both subjects, so why not a combination through SQ-wisdom- cards.

Each SQ-wisdom card has a number, referring to a card in the Great Arcane, but without symbols and arch-types as in the tarot-cards.

It is my hope that each person will create his own magic symbol by opening up for the magic of the wisdom-cards.

The SQ-Wisdom cards may stand alone in their own concept, but if you wish you can elaborate the Great Arcana’s cards through the SQ Wisdom cards.

I started this project a couple of years ago, where I started painting with wax-paint on special carbon. I opened up for the world of colours without knowing what it would lead to. My SQ inspired and guided me to the 22 cards, which became the result, and I called them SQ-Wisdom cards. It has been a long process, actually 2 years from the day I got the idea.

After having painted the 22 cards with wax, I suddenly got the idea of scanning them on the computer and elaborate the cards graphically. Once again it was my SQ leading me into a new process!

Some people might ask me why I combined wax-painting and graphic. I cannot answer it clearly, but I think my SQ would show me a new and pioneering method.

I know it is said that there is nothing new under the sun, but as far as I know, no one has painted with wax and elaborated them graphically on a computer. This combination is very special! That is why it has been a very special experience to develop this electronic concept, where each card has got a fortified energy from the computer.

I hope my cards may give you a magic experience in your life.

I wish you good luck!

Anne Damgaard Sørensen


If you want to read about SQ, then read the book “ Spiritual Intelligence SQ by Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall. It illustrates and substantiates SQ as the third human intelligence!

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