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Welcome to the world of Tarots

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I offer tarot- readings in English!

My name is Anne Damgaard Sørensen, and I work as Tarot Coach with more than 40 years of experience in reading the tarots.

I give courses and workshops in reading the tarots - and I arrange tarot/crystal-events. ( Also in English).

I have a background as a writer and artist and have also a university degree.

If you want magic and miracles in your everyday-life, you have chosen the right page!

Your inner self is a gold mine of wisdom, meaning that the answers to all your questions are to be found here!! By using the tarot-cards, you will expose your subconscious layers - the cards will tell you about future tendencies and show your possibilities and hereby magic and miracles can be a part of your life!

I was born in Middelfart, Denmark

I have always laid the cards - I learned it from my father when I was 16. Our family has always been occupied with " the other reality". I am NOT a fortune teller - I only see future tendencies! It is impossible to be a fortune teller, because nothing is static.

In my opinion anyway, we all have a kind of destiny demanding what we have to learn, and showing us which way to go. There are many ways, and here the cards can show us which to decide.

Each human being has his own free will, and if the cards show something that we do not like, we can change our future by changing our lives. Therefore the cards are very strong, because you can often forestall things before they happen.

The tarots are psychology and magic. Psychology because they expose your subconscious mind and your depths - magic because it is quite difficult to understand that little pieces of paper with a picture on can tell you so much about your life - isn´t that strange? But they can, and they are unsurpassed!

The cards are a tool which you use to open up your intuition, just like the astrology, numerology, graphology, chiromancy etc. It is all about how to open up the subconscious layers, which we all have, and therefore everybody can learn how to lay the cards or use the astrology etc.

How I became Tarot Coach!

I have always known things before they happened, and have always been aware of this side of myself.

Dear reader, you can do the same - the question is, do you open up? Well, I have had my family, and been training with those things, like yoga, meditation, painting and interpretation of dreams in order to develop my intuition, but everybody can do it, if they want to!!

Remember that noone is especially chosen to do these things, you choose yourself!!

So if you want to be a clairvoyant or a tarot-reader, you can do it, but you have to wish it from the bottom of your heart.

It really wasn´t my decision to read the tarots, I was led to it by my intuition - and I have accepted it, because I am very fond of doing it, but it wasn´t a direct decision!

I read the cards for the first time when I was 16, and since then, people have been visiting me from far and near - so to say it goes from mouth to mouth, and as long as people continue visiting me, I will read the cards.

There is a long story about how I got ill and lost my sight for a short period, until I accepted that my destiny was to read the cards, but it is a long story, so I will not tell it here. But after several operations, I got my sight back 100 %.

I am very fond of my work and will never stop reading the cards, because people need the help the cards can offer. They need to know themselves on a deeper level, because today many are quite alienated to themselves. We live in a society in which people aren´t seen from a holistic point of view.

I arrange workshops , lectures and personal readings in my own center "A-SQ-centret" in Fredericia.

I also do the readings by email and by phone (also in English)

I must say, that If you have chosen your job with your heart, you will never regret it, no matter which kind of job it is!

One thing I do not do is educating people to become tarot-readers! You can give them a knowledge, but there is no education in this field, and I will not take that responsibility. The only way to do it is to practise and practise, and if people keep on visiting you, them it is the right thing to do.

Everybody can use the cards.

Everybody can be fond of using the tarots, and therefore I have written a book about it " Tarots - your guide to inner light".

The book deals with personal development and how to use the cards, and have already sold like hot cakes. Therfore I started my own publishing firm " Tarota-Publishers", and I have plans of a new book. This book will deal with magic, tarots and the Hebrew Kabbala. There will be a lot of case stories in it about How to find magic in everyday life!

How I use the cards.

To demystify things I will now tell you how I do, when a client visits me. A tarot-reading lasts one hour and a half, and I have decorated a special room in an addition to our house, where I do the readings and courses.

The room is cobalt-blue and violet, because I love these colours, and I have decorated the room with crystals and precious stones. I always use aromatic oil after a reading in order to clean the room - maybe it is symbolic, but I feel good about it!

Before a client arrives, I spend half an hour relaxing and concentrating. I drink a cup of herbal tea, just relaxing - there is no hokus-pokus!!

When the client arrives, I ask him/her to choose 5 prescious stones, because the stones chosen tells me a little about this person and how he/her feels. It is a good approach - the client becomes calm and relaxed, a lot of people are nervous or sceptical in the beginning. Then I tell a little about the stones and how to use them, but not more than 5 minutes - then I begin the reading.

First I lay 3 cards on the Past, Present and the Future, so that my client gets faith in the cards.

The cards show me what I shall know, and they always tell the truth. They show me concrete situations e.g. if a person has just been divorced or married, has been ill or unemployed - anything

. This is a little mysterious, because you can not explain how the cards can say so much about a stranger, but I have learned to accept, that you shall not explain everything.

After this I do a deeper reading, which shows the present situation of the client, shows what is important right now and future tendencies.

I write everything down to my clients so that we avoid any misunderstandings. After this, my client is free to ask whatever he wants to ask me about, and we draw a card.

I only use my intuition when reading the cards, and I am told things from them. I often get very surprised about the messages from the cards, because they are so precise, this is magic!! But I have learned to accept that you can and shall not understand everything!!

I am just an ordinary person using my intuition by the cards, and I can feel things before they happen. Well it isn´t always funny, if something in my family happens. But I emphasize that I will never answer questions about death, illness or accidents to clients, because it is unethical and wrong and out of my powers.

Only if it is about myself or my family I will get to know it, but I have accepted that many years ago.

When I have a client, I deliberately close my intuition about these things, and then I actually can´t see anything about it.

As I have mentioned before, my background besides having been studying the cards, is research into many humanityes such as psychology, communication and literary history on the university in Odense.

I am very happy to read the cards, so If people need help, I try to help them!

Encaustic painting!

I am very fond of working intuitively with encaustic painting, an art which is at least 2500 years old, used by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians of antiquity.

I paint the pictures with wax-colours, which I heat until they become fluent. I use several tools during my painting, I work intuitively and focus only on the magic of the colours. Suddenly I have a picture.

In this way I have made a series of fairy-tales with fabulous monsters, but also abstract and naturalistic paintings with effects of silver and gold-glittering elements.

The paintings are channelled to me in the same way as when I read the tarots. I leave it all to my creative intuition, and people like my paintings - it is so fantastic, I sometimes do not understand what is happening, but it is funny and a special gift, and I am very grateful for that!

Consultation: Tarot-readings by E-mail- Readings by Phone and Readings in A-SQ Centret DK 7000 Fredericia!

The capacity of the Tarots reaches far beyond time and space. Therefore you can also get their advice even though you are not here with me - it is difficult to explain, but try it!

If you choose to get a reading by E-mail, I will give you a thorough reading, where I look at your personality, your options, your present situation and your future. If you might have some concrete questions, I also answer them.

After this you are free to ask questions about the reading within a week. You can also get a reading by phone!

You call me on 75 93 28 53 between 8-9 pm. and make an appointment, where I read the cards while talking to you, and I answer your questions.

Call me, or send an E-mail for further information about readings!

Smile and hello!

from Anne Damgaard Sørensen


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