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Intro SQ-Wisdom Cards
Introduction to the magic SQ-Wisdom cards

American scientists have fianally acknowledged the existence of the third human intelligence being the ultimate spiritual intelligence, known as SQ!

SQ bridges the gab between intellect and feelings, hereby creating the holistic magic!

Every SQ-wisdom card connects you to your personal SQ- your inner spiritual wisdom/intuition!

The cards provide guidance for the challenges you might face right now in your life!

When you have drawn a SQ-Wisdom card, look at the picture and open yourself for your immediate feelings.

Observe whether you feel anything special while looking at the colours and the form. Does it makes you feel at ease or do you feel heavy? Do you feel happy or sad?

Read the text and reflect on the words. You might not immediately identify yourself with the words, but the fact that you have drawn this particular card today has a special meaning.

Your personal SQ has a message for you. If the message doesn’t bring you immediate clarity it will come at a later point – look for this.

It is my hope and wish that each SQ-Wisdom card will lead to a magic and wonderful experience for you!

Draw a SQ-Wisdom card of the day at this web-site by clicking in the menu at “ Draw a SQ-Wisdom card”.

Another possibility is on my webmasters site www.Stjerneportalen.dk - he has done a marvellous job – Many thanks to Neel Fast!

I wish you all good luck

Anne Damgaard Sørensen

If you want to read about SQ, I can recommend the book “Spiritual Intelligence SQ by Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall. It illustrates and substantiates SQ as the third human intelligence!

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